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Thrift Store Book Haul // Thrifty Thursday

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means…it’s time for another thrift store book haul! I’m back with another Thrifty Thursday, where I show you all of the books I found insanely cheap at the thrift store. If you’re interested in my other thrift store book hauls, click here to read previous posts! Yesterday, after…… Continue reading Thrift Store Book Haul // Thrifty Thursday

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Book Haul! // November 2017

Hello, everyone! I’m coming at you with another book haul. This month, I’ve found some pretty great deals on books that I’ve been interested in reading for a while, along with two books I’ve read in the past that I needed to add to my collection. We’re only halfway through November, and I’ve already gotten…… Continue reading Book Haul! // November 2017

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Book Haul *Birthday Edition* // 2017

This past Saturday, I turned 22! It was an amazing birthday, and I’m so grateful and thankful for all that I have. Including all of my followers on here, along with Bookstagram. So thank you all for reading, and being so kind. It means a lot to me. Now, let’s talk about books! For my…… Continue reading Book Haul *Birthday Edition* // 2017