About the Reader/Fangirl

Bookworm – Ravenclaw – Daydreamer

Hello! I’m Shar.

By what you’ve seen from my blog so far, you can probably tell I love reading. What’s not to love about escaping reality and finding yourself exploring other worlds and falling in love with fictional characters, am I right?

I run the bookstagram account sunsnacksseries, but I wanted a platform where I could really fangirl about all things books, and get into detail about what I love about them. On this blog, you’ll find book reviews, hauls, wrap-ups, TBR lists, unboxings, and book talks.

Besides books, I enjoy: photography, writing, cooking, rainy days, exploring, journaling, binge watching tv shows, watching harry potter over and over again, among other things!

I hope you all will discover some really cool books and fangirl with me.