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How I Fell in Love with Audiobooks

I used to hate audiobooks.

Not even kidding. I had tried to listen to them a few times in the past, but found myself getting easily distracted, or bored, and would give up about twenty minutes in. I always thought holding a physical copy was so much better (I still do) and nothing could change my mind. But all of that changed last month in October.

How I fell in love with audiobooks:

One day in October, I decided to give audiobooks one last try. I found myself not having a lot of time to sit down and read an actual book, but I craved a story. So I got into bed, chose a book I’ve never read (Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda) and turned my light off, then listened.

My first initial thought: it was too slow! To be honest, I think that was my biggest problem with audiobooks in the past. I always thought the narrator read too slowly for my taste. I realized I could fasten the speed, and the next thing I knew I had been listening for an hour and a half and got completely involved in the story. I was blown away, because I never thought in a million years I would be invested in an audiobook.

I ended up finishing the story two days later, and started another book instantly. Since October, I’ve listened to 13 audiobooks! If you would have told me that a year ago, I would have said you were crazy. But I can’t get enough!

Why I love audiobooks:

There’s a bunch of reasons I enjoy listening to books. Here are a few:

  •  They’re convenient. I can listen to them before bed, while I clean, while I write in my planner, walk, or even eating breakfast in the morning. As long as the area I’m in is quiet, I can listen.
  • They help me fall asleep. Whenever I listen to a book before bed, I find myself slowly drifting into slumber. I listen to them with my eyes closed, and get completely relaxed. I love it!
  • The story feels different when it’s being spoken. I listened to a book I had already read in physical form, and felt like I was reading it for the first time. The narrator brought out all of the emotions perfectly, and had me completely invested. (Of course, this can go the other way as well. Sometimes you might not like a narrator.)
  • I don’t feel as bad if I don’t like the book. I tried listening to a book and realized about two hours in that I wasn’t feeling it. Thankfully, I saved a bunch of money on the hardcover I would have spent prior.
  • It’s easier to reach reading goals. Although I didn’t set a yearly reading goal this year, I know that if I did, I would feel confident with reading my number.
  • I can read more! Self-explanatory.

If you want to give audio books a try, but have a hard time getting into them, here are a few of my tips!

  •  Listen to a genre you love. My favorite genre to listen to is YA contemporary, but I’ve recently fallen in love with fantasy as well.
  • Play with the speeds. I’ve realized a lot of people (including myself) like to listen to the narrator as a faster speed. Not only does it sound better, a book that can last 10 +  hours can be finished faster.
  • Re-read one of your favorite books. You might be surprised at how much you’ll like it.
  • Try listening when you don’t have a lot going on. I recommend in bed, or while doing some chores. Listen when you can concentrate on what’s going on, otherwise you won’t enjoy it as much.
  • Don’t force yourself to listen to a book you’re not interested in. Trust me, I’m guilty of this!

Audiobooks have really changed the way I read. I’ve fallen in love with new books, and re-fell in love with others. It’s nice being able to listen to a story whenever I want. I hope some of my tips help those of you who want to listen to them, but just can’t get into them!

What’s your opinion on audiobooks? Do you love them or hate them? Tell me!

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