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How to Get Out of a Reading Slump


Reading slumps…something the majority (if not all) readers go through at some point. Personally, there are times where I’m reading up to 8-10 books a month, then suddenly I’m reading nothing at all. It’s normal, it happens. But it’s frustrating, especially when you love reading but can’t get yourself to sit down and read a book.

My reading slumps tend to occur when my life gets really hectic, or I’m obsessed with a new tv show and binge them like crazy on Netflix which takes up my regular reading time, or I’m reading a book I’m just not interested in.

I go through them a couple of times a year, so I thought I’d share a few tips that help me get over them and get back into the reading zone!

#1 – Don’t force yourself to read a book, especially one you’re not interested in. I’m guilty of doing this, and almost every time I pick up a book I have a hard time getting into, I dive into a slump. I’m one of those people who feel guilty if I buy a book, or get one as a gift and don’t finish it. I always like to give them a chance, because by the end I might enjoy it. Although it’s important to understand that life is too short to read books you don’t like. So put the book down and pick up something else. You can always go back to it later.

#2 – Pick up a short, easy read. Not a 500 + page book. Contemporaries are usually my go-to pick if I want to read something quick and fun. Graphic novels or comic books are great choices too! Personally, going into a long book (especially in the fantasy genre) is one of the worst books to pick up when I’m trying to get over a slump.

#3 – Pick up a book you’ve been dying to read. There’s always that one book on your TBR that you’re so excited to read and have been dying to get your hands on. Try picking that up! I just got over a reading slump a few days ago when I picked up All The Bright Places, and I’m so excited/scared to see what happens that I’m debating on cuddling up in bed right now to finish it! Reading a book you’re excited for might just get you excited to read again.

#4 – Listen to an audiobook. This might not work for everyone. Personally, I don’t listen to audiobooks. I haven’t really tried them out, but a lot of people I know use this technique to get them out of a slump. The best part about audiobooks is that you don’t have to sit down and read, you can clean your house, go for a walk, go for a drive, you can do anything your heart desires while listening to the story.

#5 – Re-read one of your favorite books. This is one of my favorite methods to get out of a slump. I’m a firm believer in re-reading books, especially one I absolutely loved and haven’t read in a while. Sometimes you notice things you didn’t notice the first time, or you see the story in a different way. Most of the time, I end up loving the book even more. You’ll most likely be interested in the book, which will make you want to read again.

#6 – Watch booktubers. The booktube community is one of my favorites to watch. You can watch a wide variety of book related content from reviews, hauls, unboxings, recommendations, etc. Sometimes seeing people rave about good books and bookish items can get you back into the reading mood. Try searching for recommendations, hauls, reviews within the genre you like to read.

#7 If all fails, just give it time. Sometimes, time is the only cure. There will be a moment when you just want to cuddle in bed and go into another world. Or read about two people falling in love. Or maybe one of your favorite authors will release another book. Just wait it out.

I hope some of these tips will help you guys out! I’d love to hear what your go-to methods are to get out of a book slump.

Happy reading! XO


5 thoughts on “How to Get Out of a Reading Slump

      1. I love Kody Keplinger! I think that might be the only book I haven’t read by her yet, although it’s on my TBR πŸ˜€ I tend to go for anything by Morgan Matson, Jenny Han or Stephanie Perkins. Those have been my favorite contemporary authors lately!

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